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  1. Superb….masha Allah…everything in the article is well placed and balanced. Now readers need to act accordingly.

  2. May Allah reward the writer, a lot of the advice coupled with the alhadith made it more rewarding. I personally had ignored some of the tips but will imbibe them now more than ever. Jazakhallah khaira.

  3. I was once discussing with an alim and he pointed out that when bringing a team member onboard we should look for the one who is ‘qawi’ (capable) and ‘ameen’ (trustworthy). He was basing it on the story of Musa (AS) where his future wife tells her father to hire him as he has these two qualities.

    The point was that the first criteria is the capability and then comes the element of being ‘ameen’. The brother explained that no matter how trustworthy the resource is if they are not capable of doing the job there is no point in hiring them. If you do hire them it would cause negative consequences for the organization (loss of efficiency, demotvation for this and other resources which need to carry the slack of this person, etc.) and the resource (demotivation, loss of time, etc.).

    I hope the above proves to be of some benefit to the readers of this article.

  4. The article mentions really important points which are forgotten by most of the manager. It just indicates how we straggle from Sunnah of The Holy Prophet ṣallallāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam (peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him) and Islamic path.

  5. Jazakhallah khairan brother ahmad, great and useful article wait to read more about such topics like this,

  6. Salaam, its very insightful, only thing i will say is that your article is always seem to aim towards professionals who work in the office with a team under them. In r eality that is not always the case! There is lot of people working in different areas of professionalism e.g. School, shopkeeper, factory worker. They all need help to be productive and it should be addressed where everyone can relate and prosper. Jzk

    • Wa alaikum as salam brother Nadeem, Agreed we need to focus on all areas of professionalism. InshaAllah will try to share more on that.

  7. Pretty well written and informative thanks. I would only suggest that the author consider the intentional alienation that the master-servant dynamic imparts on the productivity of an organization, or in general. Human nature is such that we either view the painted dynamic, even if an accurate portrayal, with reservation for both the portrait and the painter, or we internalize reality within a toxic relationship that some would just prefer to avoid. The greatest leaders are those who can humbly knock on an office door and hence be invited to a shared lunch, empathizing with people in such a way that the information that flows from the inside is an unbiased picture of reality.

  8. very encouraging, hope you will write in the next article especially about how to handle difficult person..

  9. *If* that was the case, I suspect her burden is her worry that I would find out. Please feel free to make suggestions.

  10. Masha Allah!! Brilliant article, Jazak Allah u Khair… this is much needed… relating our professional lives with Deen… A must read and forward… Keep on Keeping On Ajaz…

    We need to share this with our Muslim brothers as much as possible so that we do not rely on other management education based on other religions.

    • Thank you brother Feroz. Jazakallah khairan. I hope our manager brothers will find it helpful InshaAllah

  11. Very good article.
    Pl. keep it up, these articles are need of hour for the working muslims.
    I have subscribed to
    jazakALLAH khair

  12. Alsalam alykum excuse me please I just wanna ask you a favour that If can I use this photo in my project and I would be so thank ful