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  1. Aww barakAllah u feeki my dear sister this is exactly what I needed subhanAllah.; God’s timing is perfect. I was concerned about this minutes ago, and when I saw this article I couldn’t stop smiling. These are great tips, thanks!

  2. It is a very usefull and highly appreciable and quite practical tip for a thing to implement in our daily life to be successful in this dunya and hereafter

  3. Thank you in advance for making such wonderful site. We can all have benefit from it, in shaa Allah. Keep it up ;)))

  4. I love this article. It includes everything I had planned to do this winter holiday, and more. It’s as if it were written for me. Jzk for this lovely article.

  5. JezakeAllahu khair for all the tips. They are very useful not only for students in winter break but for everyone who wants to make their free time productive. May Allah reward you Jennatal Firdaws.

  6. this is a really great article.
    it’s like a wake up call for me after a week of unproductive semester break.
    in shaa Allah… hopefully i can make my remaining holiday meaningful n beneficial..

  7. Assalamualikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu. . Subhan Allah such a great article on productive holidays.. hats off to the writer and Jazak Allahuqairan kaseera for sharing with us. As of now I am not on break but whenever I get In Shaa Allah will try to follow this schedule. Alhamdulillah got so many ideas from this article. Once again Jazak Allahuqairan kaseera and please all remember me in your prayers as in need of them very much. Allah hafiz

  8. asalaamu alayku. Jazzakalah khayra for the very interested article. Now i know the free time is a playground of shaytan(laanatullah)