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  1. One mistake we often make in the weekends is to abandon our weekday sleeping schedule. We think “oh it’s the weekend I can stay up as late as I want!” but that makes getting back to routine on Monday all the more miserable. Following the example of our Prophet (saw), maintaining discipline in time of ease and hardship ensures full control of ourselves. Sleeping early for me is also necessary if I want to get up for fajr and for the dedicated Muslims, tahajjud.

    One more tip I’d like to share is the importance of solitude. We spend the entire week with colleagues, friends and classmates, which can be both uplifting and stressful. Weekend is a good opportunity to retreat and recuperate.

    • Samina,that’s a very common attitude but we fail to notice and not getting enough sleeps makes us so tired esp. on mondays and makes it seem like we never had a weekend. I would try to always get enough sleep on weekends. Thanks alot.

  2. – Keep the evening before the first work day (Monday for example) free from intensive tasks and do slow-paced physical work or planning for the coming week.

    – Try to get to bed early on Sunday and Complete all high stress or mandatory chores before the evening.

    – Aim to stay home relaxing on Sunday evening and not be running around till the end of the day.
    – Utilize Friday night and Saturday to complete the intensive activities and keep Sunday light. This way when Monday morning co es, you will feel refreshed and an illusion of having had a relaxing weekend.

  3. In my opinion, we aren’t able to relax and have a refreshed weekend if you’re still not up to date with anything you done in the week! For example, if you’re a student at school or college and you don’t manage to finish your homework and revision, then the truth is, the weekend becomes your catch-up days! Finishing your pressurising and stressful work and working through your to-do list should be done during the week.
    One thing that helps me (I’m an A-Level student) is to complete every homework the evening that I am given them. Also, making a to-do list at the BEGINNING of each week showing the work you want to be completed by the end, and ticking them off as you go by is effective.
    Don’t forget your exercise!
    Treat yourself with a nice, filling, hot breakfast- you may have not digged in to one of those during the week due to time-keeping!
    Have a nice, long, hot bubble bath and enjoy doing something that interests you; reading books, watching films, writing articles, or even just pampering yourself!

  4. I think really investing your time to do a loved hobby goes a long way. I LOVE to unwind by reading, painting, or excersising. At times, I might just have what I like to call “personal time” with my lord. It’s always refreshing and beautiful when we pray. I also recommend volunteering or genuinely doing something non-tech related! Go outside and walk or spend time with a neighbor you don’t see often. Lite some candles, clean your space, or ask a friend to join you on an adventure (: or read old blog posts on here aha!

  5. I am surrounded by technologies everywhere, everyday. At work it will be in front of the computer, at home still in front of the tv & computer. So last weekend I decided to throw it aside and get myself out to the jungle.

    A friend of mine has a farm outskirts of town, so me and my friends went there to have fun and our well deserved relaxation after a hectic week. Since that area is quite remote, there are very limited signal on our phones, so no more technologies there. Just good ol mother nature.

    We went fishing at the pond, bbq, and a good long laughter with them all. The environment is so nice that I felt like I never wanted to leave that place. And when I did my prayers, its easier for me to be khusyu’ since my mind is at peace.

    I feel so much better after having that great getaway during my weekend. And I feel so good that I actually feel great going off to work today. :)

  6. I am a person who always feel excited every Friday evening, knowing that I am going to have a great weekend. As a postgraduate student, I try my best to finish my homework and experiment before weekend so that I don’t need to fill my precious weekend to do any work related to my study. Biking on the weekend morning is my favorite activity. During spring to autumn, usually I ride my bicycle to get some sweat as well as to enjoy scenery across my neighborhood. Sometimes I go to places just for sightseeing and taking pictures.While doing that, I can’t stop feeling grateful and keep saying thanks to Allah. Seeing blooming flowers on spring or admiring reddish maple leaves on autumn can boost my mood and induce my mind to continuously remembering The One.

    During winter, as it is too cold for biking, I usually just stay at home, cooking fancy meals with my housemates. Weekend is the best time to try new recipes. As we all might feel hungry easier when feeling cold, it is a good timing to feed your stomach with extraordinary food that you don’t usually eat on your busy weekdays.

  7. Asalam-o-alaikum,
    In my opinion on of the key factor to have a productive weekend is Not to sleep late and wake up early.
    Have a quality family time with your parents, kids or family members. Go out somewhere , but make sure to keep your outings early and not to stay too late.

  8. Assalamualaykum……
    Being a doctor it feels like you can’t get a nice stress-free weakened…….
    Every day you carry the burden of your patients…….
    You think of every patient every day and how you are going to diagnose and treat them……..
    Well for me I live with this stress every single day even in the weekends

    • Salaam, now that sounds so tiring. But you have limits, sir. Just schedule few minutes for indoor exercise and have a good of book of light reading apart of your medical stuff. Talk to your peers and family things happen everyday aside of anything related to medical, I’m sure you can ease this burden too. May Allah grant your efforts in helping patient to regain healthness.

    • Brother,

      I agree , being a doctor it is very difficult to manage weekends. I would say that there is nothing called weekends for doctors. They strive and work for society. Sure, there is huge reward from Allah’s side for serving humanity with good intention. They are the real champions.

      One of my cousin is a doctor, he keeps busy himself by conducting free camps etc etc and engaging himself more to serve humanity.

  9. Ensure to wake up early, take a good shower, eat favorite food, gather the family together and conduct a no-holds -barred discussion with everyone and on everything with no design or anybody giving any direction. Let every member speak about whatever interest him/her until all are well exhausted. After lunch encourage siesta for all and in the evening let all members of the family go out and either visit other extended family members or just while away the time in the open country.
    Forget about every other thing and just enjoy the company of the members of the family. After all life is too precious to be left for another time. Enjoy it now.

    • I feel the best way to have a refreshing weekend is to say NO to technology and other such distractions either on Saturday or Sunday. Spend this extra time with your family,on your hobbies, for self reflection, planning your week ahead or anything you find relaxing(not watching TV or gaming).

      Maintain your normal routine of sleep and meals these days. I recommend having some extra sleep for those who feel sleep deprived on other days (but strictly don’t miss your prayers).

  10. Assalamu alaykum. Since I live far from my home and only get to see my family yearly, I always wanted to make my weekends filled with beneficial activities.
    During weekends I try my best to still maintain my sleep pattern as I do during weekdays. During weekdays I work from 8 am to 4 pm. When weekend comes I still wake up and try to sleep the same as I do in weekdays. During weekdays I think of projects that I will do for weekend and those are what I do from 8 am to 4 pm of my weekends, like for example, cleaning one area in my flat that needs attention, or reading those nice articles I’ve collected during weekdays that I hadn’t had time to read, or revising my subjects in school, writing some nice articles too to share. I make sure that each hour passes and I learn and do something that are beneficial.

  11. “So when you have finished [your duties], then stand up [for worship].” 94/7

    Spending the minutes without doing something noticable , makes the brain and soul more tired i think.Coz the capacity of them is so much even we cant imagine.Also new and different branches ( hobbies, experiences, meeting with new people, serve for İslam via different ways, partipicating in different benefical organisations..etc) like..they open new windows into our tired brain.Like new wind began to flow in us ..and provide us really effective hours which makes us satisfied.
    There is a quote which i love it : ” The one who says “Allah” , he doesnt get tired easily”

  12. Weekends are to have fun and enjoy your time, for through the entire week you’ve been busy working, studying, or finishing some tasks… which means being stressed. On weekends, you should spend your time by relaxing or going out in order to restore back the energy for the coming week. Just do what you love, but don’t stress your self especially on Sunday. I advice you to read Quran, pray, read athkar, and make duaa on Sunday night you’ll feel confident and relaxed the next day.

  13. As far as when we see countries like China & Japan even they are engaged on the weekend and work very hard and as a result their economy is non top today when we are comparing with other countries today. As far as the Sri Lanka is concerned we are working either 5 or 5 1/2 days weekly and used to it as well. So it is more suitable for the working middle class crowds to choose Sunday to relax and enjoy with the family. In addition Sri Lanka has many holidays out of 365 days a year.

  14. assalaam alakium
    What I do to have a refreshing weekend is to forget all my homework even if it is a lot I need to catch up. Well I work on it a bit on Sundays but I don’t mind if I fall behind because its the weekend. We should leave all the stressful work on the weekdays. Friday evenings is the day I look forward to the most because I treat myself with the things I like to do such as organizing and cleaning my room (I like cleaning so it is fun), reading books or the Quran and sitting with my family in the living room which I barely do during the weekdays because of homework. Saturdays I wake up early to go volunteer at a language school. I think waking up early brings blessing to the rest of the day.

  15. I used to spend weekends by watching non-stop movies. Fun at first, but at the end of the weekend, i felt like “whoa, i did nothing in this weekend”. So, lately i choose to write down my to-do-list on weekend. You must spare your time for your family, friends, and yourself of course.

  16. Assalamualaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu. Keep the same sleeping schedule. However add supplementary siestas to catch up on sleep (it’s a sunnah!). Jazakallhu khayr. Allahu alam. Assalmualykum warahmatullhi wabarakatuhu.

  17. Assalamualaikum to all readers.
    Weekends are the time for one to spend time with one’s family. One suggestion from me personally is to wake up early together with one’s family and go to the mosque to pray Fajr. Start your day right and in sha Allah the rest of the days will be a fruitful one!

  18. Assalamualaikum.

    I have my weekend as my daily routine. I always sleep early at night and wake up early in the morning. It makes me feel ‘fresh’ all day long. If I try to sleep in the morning during weekend, I feel really guilty to myself since I can’t have a productive weekend. That’s it from me. :)

  19. I agree with sakina when she says weekends can be s time of solitude…to reflect on our “doings” of the week.
    Me being a Housewife it’s a time to connect more with family. .. especially if one has older children who are working.

  20. For people like me who work all round the clock; no weekends, no public holidays; having a relaxed weekend may just be a mirage.

    But in between the week days and weekends, I try to utilize the spare time to catch a quick sleep, attend to my blog, create time for my wife and maybe read books.