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  1. Awesome read!! May Allah bless you and your family and make all your affairs easy and make your children pious muslims inshaAllah!

  2. jazakALLAHu khayran for sharing. i really benefited a lot from the article. i do practice some and in shaa ALLAH, i would imbibe others. its a wonderful article. thumbs up

  3. Salams

    Sorry, but I totally disagree with you and this article. You have quoted Khadeejah RA worked as a business woman and was a mother. She was a business woman before marriage, I have not seen any evidence she continued her business after marriage or (more importantly) after giving birth. Please provide evidence of how the Mother of the Believers worked as businesswoman after marriage, I really would love to see in sha Allah.

    You have also quoted Moosa AS and Imam Bukhari RH and Imam Malik RH and their mothers. True – they brought up gems! But I have read all their seerahs and NEVER seen that their mothers worked or were careers girls, nurses and teachers.

    All the women in the Qur’an were praised for being a ‘good mother’ or a ‘good wife’. Not a single woman is praised for being a career woman or working mum/mom!

    It is sad and deploring to see the state of Muslim women, let alone write an article and justify it! Subhan’Allah! Feminism and western influence has seeped into Muslim women as well, it seems.

    Women will never be able to give birth to like of Khalid ibn Waleed RA and Umar RA until they leave their offices and schools. Unless they have a shar’ee valid reason, eg. single mums etc. Not the way Musiim women work today, this is not even permissible. The word ‘necessity’ needs to be defined for them.

    Working in a mixed environment is Haram, for a start. Just look at how they dress! people need to look at what is going on in society before writing such articles. And the majority of women will disagree, obviously! As Islam, today, is a buffet – where you pick and choose!

    Allah help me and you all.

    • Assalamu alaikum brother Ismail, I like the fact that you expressed your disagreement.

      However, I would like you to understand that just because many sisters (like myself) are going to differ with you, doesn’t mean that you are right, and we are wrong. Let me put your argument into context. Say your wife is pregnant, and she needs to visit a gynecologist during her pregnancy. If there are no female doctors, are you going to let her suffer and give birth at home? Of course not.

      Many of our Muslim brothers from Central Africa (where I’m from) entertain the same logic. Women must stay at home and raise their kids. I absolutely understand, as my mother raised me while being a housewife. But what if we all stay at home, who is going to study medicine and provide healthcare to women? Who is going to teach in an all girl school? How can a Muslimah inspire other little girls? What if a sister is brilliant in Math or Biochemistry, and can create a cure which will end an epidemic? Hasn’t she contributed to the advancement of mankind? Won’t she make enough money to build masajids, donate charity, build orphanages, open Islamic schools, etc.?

      Okay, women must not work in a mixed environment. But why would men be allowed to work in a mixed environment as well? There are many options nowadays, sisters can work from home, alhamdulillah. But the choice must be left to us. I hope you read my reply.

      I wish you peace and abundance brother.
      May He grant us forgiveness and Jannah,

      Your sister.

      • Wsalams sister Fatime

        I find it very rude of you to reply with such a comment. Not once did I say I am 100% correct or my word is the gospel. Please quote if i did? I expressed an opinion if it was too muchfor you to handle, please say so – but don’t accuse me. And don’t state the obvious “many sisters are going to differ with you, doesn’t mean you are right”.

        Here we go… typical example of gynecologists. I’m actually sick and tired of this example! You know why? Are ALL the Muslimahs out there studying gynecology? Did YOU study gynecology? Besides when my wife gives birth i don’t mind a blue-eyed blonde-haired woman called Susan standing there! Who said there are no ‘female’ gynecologists. There are 100s of non muslims. Where in Qur’an does it say she has to be Muslim! Absolute nonesense. Besides most muslims study what brings in a high salary. Show me someone working for the Ummah. I talk from experience – not being judgemental. In the UK some of the worst unfair and unprofessional firms are Muslims.

        It’s up to you, you bring up your kids I’ll bring up mine.

        The end result will tell in sha Allah

      • Wsalams sister Fatime

        I find it very rude of you to reply with such a comment. Not once did I say I am 100% correct or my word is the gospel. Please quote if i did? I expressed an opinion if it was too muchfor you to handle, please say so – but don’t accuse me. And don’t state the obvious “many sisters are going to differ with you, doesn’t mean you are right”.

        Here we go… typical example of gynecologists. I’m actually sick and tired of this example! You know why? Are ALL the Muslimahs out there studying gynecology? Did YOU study gynecology? Besides when my wife gives birth i don’t mind a blue-eyed blonde-haired woman called Susan standing there! Who said there are no ‘female’ gynecologists. There are 100s of non muslims. Where in Qur’an does it say she has to be Muslim! Absolute nonesense. Besides most muslims study what brings in a high salary. Show me someone working for the Ummah. I talk from experience – not being judgemental. In the UK some of the worst unfair and unprofessional firms are Muslims.

        Men are allowed to work in mix environments as a necessity because they are the breadwinners not women. Because Allah says in the Qur’an: “Men are guardians of women.” 4:34
        It’s up to you, you bring up your kids I’ll bring up mine.

        The end result will tell in sha Allah

    • Wa Alaykum Salam br.Ismail,

      JazakAllah khair for your comments. I mentioned the qualities of our mother Sayyidah Khadijah(RA) and as Muslim women I take great inspiration from her qualities and will continue to do so, being the exemplary women she was. I am yet to come across a specific piece of evidence saying that she stopped or continued her business after her marriage to our Prophet SAW.

      We first know about who should be working from what Allah said to Adam (AS) in Q20:117. Yes, its’s strongly encouraged that the woman stays at home. We the current situation and state of the Muslim women most have to work.

      What I know from the seerah about our mother Khadijah (RA) is that before her marriage to the Prophet SAW she conducted her business from her home and hired people who travelled on her behalf and managed the business on her behalf and returned the profits to her. The Prophet SAW did business on her behalf as well before she married him, and after her marriage to him she handed her business over to the Prophet SAW – the common theme here is she was still at home. I see nothing wrong if we take inspiration from the immense qualities of our Mothers of the past.

      Business in those days is not the meaning of business that we understand today’s terms and I think we should take that into consideration.

      There were many female scholars, teachers, nurses, poets and women of varying professions during the time of the Prophet SAW and the Sahabah. Islam does not stop women from working, every woman’s situation is completely different.

      The focus of my article is on the Muslim women who have to work for whatever reason and how they can do this without compromising their role as a Servant of Allah and their role as a Mother.

      There is nothing to say a woman cannot stay at home and neither is there anything to stop her from working should her husband allow her to do so or as a result of her circumstances.

      There is a huge problem within the ummah that is not being addressed, there are so many women left with any support mechanism at all. rather than criticise them, we should find a way of helping and resolving the situation.
      Many women are having to work as a result of being divorced, the death of her husband, lack of sufficient income in the home and many more reasons that I will not delve into, as this is not the appropriate forum for such discussions.

      I know many professional women including myself who do not subscribe to feminism and we totally observe the etiquettes of Islam at work and I find we are well respected for that. It’s been a great opportunity to do dawah as well.

      There are many fields Muslim women can work in to avoid free mixing i.e, working as obstetricians, gynaecologists, dermatologists, teachers paediatricians etc. The Muslim Ummah is screaming for more female women in these areas, as most Muslims brothers want their wife to be treated by a female doctor. Yet, On the other hand, Muslim women get criticised for going out to work.

      I pray that the ummah will have a thorough look into the societal issues which are prevalent today in our various communities and find resolutions to the problems our Muslim sisters, daughters, mothers and grandmothers are facing instead of judging them.

      JazakAllah Khair

      • My issue is why are you selective in what you take form Khadijah RA. You keep saying you take great inspiration, but you have the wrong end of the stick. Khadijah RA was not honoured because she was businesswoman, if she is provide me evidence form any one scholar. She was honoured because she supported Muhammad SAW and she was a good mother.

        You are wrong when you say “most women need to work”. Why? Because they have high maintenance? Because they want the latest shoes/clothes/handbags? Because they want holidays every year? I already mentioned in my earlier comment, there are few who are allowed to work.

        Again, you have said Khadijah RA handed her business the the Prophet SAW so she didn’t work as a mother? So are you abusing the texts? Misquoting the story of Khadijah RA? As the title of this article is about working mums, Khadijah RA didn’t work as a mother. Please see below:

        Here is evidence that all women cannot work:

        And abide in your houses and do not display yourselves as [was] the display of the former times of ignorance. And establish prayer and give zakah and obey Allah and His Messenger. Allah intends only to remove from you the impurity [of sin], O people of the [Prophet’s] household, and to purify you with [extensive] purification.

        This is Qur’an, will you still continue to argue?

        The female doctor argument is weak, which country in the world does not have female doctors, please tell me! Saudi Arabia has females and Pakistan, two of the most strict countries in women’s affairs. The women don’t need to be Muslimahs.

        Nobody is judging you, please don’t accuse me. It’s funny how we try and rectify women and they ALWAYS play they judge card. Are women too perfect to be criticised.

        I leave your affair to Allah, you think your argument is strong. Please justify your words in front of Allah SWT on Qiyamah, same goes to all the women who agree below.

        Islam is not a buffet, you can;t pick and choose.

        In the end, ask yourself if the Prophet SAW was alive today would he allow women to enter co-education and work as they are doing today? I challenge anyone to answer that question…

        Islam teaches justice between the sexes not equality.

    • Br. Ismail,

      You don’t have to be a feminist to know that Muslim women should be allowed to work, should they choose to do so. The dynamic of Muslims working in secular Western countries makes this dynamic more complex than the black-and-white explanation that you have given, with little proof from the Qur’an, that men should be the breadwinners and the women’s role to be limited to that of mothers and child-bearers.

      You said: ” Women will never be able to give birth to like of Khalid ibn Waleed RA and Umar RA until they leave their offices and schools”

      Yes, because the upbringing of children like Umar RA, I think, depend not only on the mother, but the child’s father and the qualities both of them instill in their children. As well as society at large, where communities help and play a role in the healthy development of children. Your argument is weak because you’re trying to impose upon others that women should not work and in fact are not ALLOWED to work, supported by little evidence from the Quran. The Quran doesn’t apply differently to men as opposed to women – both have different biology – subhanAllah – but both, I think, need to work together and compliment each other’s strengths and bridge the weaknesses.

      To take the verse quote from the Quran in the comment above:
      And We told Adam, that this was his enemy as well as that of his spouse; lest it drives both of them out of this blissful life of Janna. (The rebellious emotions do not affect men only; they also occur in women. Both are liable to become its

      In summary, my problem with you comment is that your view seems to be imposed, rather than seeking to learn and understand what the “other” has to go through. By “other” I mean women in this case. I don’t really think you bothered to even read the article, let alone learn anything from it.

      • Brother Noman

        Your comments are disgusting and very judgemental, fear Allah.

        I will not respond to you, maybe once you have grown up.

        But here is what Allah says in the Qur’an

        Men are in charge of women by [right of] what Allah has given one over the other and what they spend [for maintenance] from their wealth.

        Men are breadwinners. Will you argue with Allah SWT???

    • Brother if u r so against women at the workplace, then never ask for a lady doctor or lady islamic teacher or lady bank officer for ur female relatives…Can u tolerate a man examining ur women or teaching them quran and islamic studies one to one, or interacting constantly with them regarding their financez? Think and experience life before judgements r passed.Also Khadijah R.A. was a mother even b4 she married the Prophet SAW. He was her empmoyee. And Allah knows best.
      The article is excellent. Jazakallah.Specially the part where the author mentions taking time for community work.

    • I Completely agree. The article gives very wrong impression of what Khadija r.a. did.
      Productive Muslim has to be more careful in their research.

    • Very misleading article. Your children are your priority. You can not delegate them. Also the example of Khadija r.a. is misquoted. Were the mothers of imam working women?

  4. Jazakallahu khairan sister for this piece, very very useful May Allah make our children pious Muslims and Muslimah and guide us all to the right path

  5. Dear Sis, Ma Shaa Allah, as a working mom, I completely agree with all your points of views and also wish to emphasize that waking up an hour before Fajr is a golden opportunity to talk to our real friend, ALLAH, pouring our soul and problems to Him. Making Duas at this peaceful time, feeling more energized to tackle our life and work afterwards.

  6. Asalam Alaykum All,

    JazakAllah Khair for all your invaluable feedback and comments. I pray Allah rewards mothers with the highest station in Jannah Al Firdaws. – Aameen

  7. Very informative. Though Im not working , just a homemaker i feel Im wasting a lot of time. Having grownup working children ample time is at hand for productive work.

  8. Assalamualaikum WRWB,

    I am doctor by profession Alhamdulillah, but got married as soon as I finished my course, it’s been 7yrs of my marriage, Alhamdulillah I have 4 kids , I enjoy being mom and staying at home. We have a constant up’s and down’s relating to my job.he wants me to go out and earn, but iam scared of Allah Subhanah wathala, I feel I cannot handle both but hubby wants income , Alhamdullillah we have everything in life, iam really ? confused….

    Please make duas for a better understanding

    Jazakillahu khairan.

  9. Jazakumullah khair for the article!
    Loved the part : ‘work smarter than work harder’!
    And waking up one hour before to talk to Allah! May Allah ease our tasks and help us to raise obeidient kids, aameen

  10. Jzk. Alhamdulillah for evrything. And i totally agree with all the contents of this well written article. I’m also a working mum of three . And my life is no different from all uve written. Alhamdulillah ala ni’imatul islam. I go abt my life as free and happy as a bird. Alhamdulillah, cos i put Allah first, and He takes care of EVERYTHING,,and dat includes me. May Allah bless our struggles and reward us with jannatul firdais. Amin.

  11. Ok, so I eagerly shared this article with my spouse. He read the first few lines and immediately said that’s not correct, Khadijah (pbuh) quit working after she married Prophet (pbuh). Would really appreciate if someone, especially the author, could help clear that up.

  12. Sister Khayfah never ceases to amaze me. She gives practical advice on how to make the working mom life better.

    It’s hard to come across people who recognize the importance of valuating the muslim working mom because we are encouraged to stay home. While many women have that choice, a lot of others do not. Either way,I think it’s always a matter of getting organized and finding an occupation that will permit and allow you to make children the priority. Duahs are a must because only Allah knows to answer that.

    If Allah wills it, no woman would ever have to work. But it s clearly not the current state of the Muslim world. Any one criticizing the muslim working mom should be ready to take care of her financially without expecting anything in return.

    Even if our role models didn’t work, let’s mention that they had an amazing support system. Today the men/ the earners of our community don’t help financially. Not in exchange for a simple smile. Many women are alone and face incredible challenges.

    I want to know why while we are eager to criticize women for their courage on going out to earn a paycheck, we seek no solution to their problems. We criticize them for working?

    1. I am not a feminist
    2. I have a wonderful supportive husband
    3. Many females I know don’t, including my mother.
    4. Please stop bashing women who try to make the best of their circumstances

    • All men are not the same, many men have wives who do not work and support them.

      Nobody is bashing women, we only say what the Qur’an says.

      A lot of you commenting are not providing qur’an and hadith just talking form your desires. As one sister stated, she is clearly working for the money. No Islam involved there.

      So nobody is judging – please correct your facts.

  13. Jazakallahu khairan for this inspiring article.Raising children is quite challenging especially for us in west Africa where alot of women choose to be career women due to the economic situation or are termed “liability” for being a stay-at-home mom.

  14. Jzk for this article. I absolutely identified with it as a young mother of two children alhumdulilah. It’s very useful. Waking early to have that time with my Lord has changed my life for the better. My days are more productive, my mood is better and I have plenty of time to organise myself before the children awake. As to the debate about working Muslimahs, I agree with the sisters for working muslimahs as each and everyone of us has different circumstances to deal with… I and a few other Muslim women I have come across with have been working mothers solely because the husbands were not able to find work at that time. So how can we be critical of working muslimahs? It’s time we stopped using Islam as a form of oppression towards women. I’m sure every woman would love nothing but to stay home provided that her husband was not just earning but earning enough to live in this economy where it takes two household incomes to have a decent living. I’m really just tired of hearing Muslim women can’t do this that and the next. But Muslim men can do everything under the sun. It’s a double standard. Yes women and men are different. But ultimately if a woman is following Quran and sunnah and adheres to the laws of Allah, what’s the problem? Forgive me if it said anything wrong or hurtful. Jzk

    • really wonderful and touching article..felt heartening to go through each point. Im going through such a situation .INSHA ALLAH MAY aLLAH MAKE THINGS EASY FOR US. jazakallah khairan for the excellent work

    • You are wrong sister. Why do women need to work?Especially mothers.

      In the West, women working increased the Zina rates and divorce rates. I am not sexist, rather more concerned about what is right for women.

      Men are in charge of women by [right of] what Allah has given one over the other and what they spend [for maintenance] from their wealth.
      4:34 Qur’an

      Men are breadwinners not women!

  15. Mashallah, VERY INFORMATIVE and eye opening article jazakillahul kheyr sister may Allah grant you and every woman jannah of highest level,I grab and grasp alot of good points in this write up which have changed my life for the better i can strike a balance btw my family & work.
    Thanks to the ProductiveMuslim too KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

  16. Allahumma baarik! Such practical tips. Jazaakumullah khair

    I’d like to say that we both (male and female) should adhere to the Sunnah so that things will fall in place. Yes ideally a woman should be at home but in this day and age it isn’t practical because of the lack of support systems as the sisters pointed out and other reasons.
    If the men truly want the woman to stay at home then I think they should strive to be better supporters, as in deen a woman has her husband, if not then her father, if not her brother or son or the Muslim community but that is not the reality now. Let us have the solid support system to minimize the need for women to go out to work.
    Another option where possible is for women to work from home which removes or greatly minimizes the free mixing problem, and at the same time be there for the home and children more.

    And about school, I believe the deen said seeking knowledge is a must every Muslim (I’m paraphrasing and stand to be corrected). I also believe Islam encourages us to seek dunya and akhirah (dua: Rabbana aatina fiddunya hasanah wa fil akhirati Hassana…). That is how she’ll have an impact on the society through the children she raises (with the knowledge she gained).

  17. Nice read. In today’s world women have to be strong from the inside out. Keeping Deen in the heart, Duniya has to be faced with courage and faith in Allah.
    The article gives the ways to understand and be free of guilt of having to work for any given reasons. Well put and reference given too is apt.
    Thank you, it will help a lot of women to gather courage and face the world.

  18. Dear Sister,
    I like your article very much. I am a working mom of four. How i wish i could be a stay at home mom but unfortunately its not possible for the time being.. Anyway.. women work for different reasons and only Allah knows the reality behind each and every reason… No man or even woman have the right to make judgements. Only Allah have the right to do so. So while we working women try to make the best of both worlds, an advice or two will definitely make our day. Do you mind if i share your article in my facebook page DR.NOUR clothing. May Allah rewards your good deeds immensely.

  19. Dear sister,

    I ask Allah to guide me, you and the Ummah of nabie s.a.w.

    Whenever we raise a point, we need to have the fear of Allah in our heart and make sure that we are speaking with not only taqwa, but absolutely accurate knowledge within the appropriate context; not just randomly using refererences from the Prophet to support our claims; particularly if these claims are based on our nafs.

    Sister, do you think the Nabie of Allah, peace be upon him, the beloved of Allah, allowed Khadijah whom Allah had given salam for her dedication to His azzawajjal’s Prophet for working outside the home and intermingling with the opposite sex???

    Why did she hire him to work for her in the first place? So that he would conduct and supervise her business!

    Sister, the wrongs of working and intermingling with the opposite sex is without doubt real.
    No argument in can justify it.

    The worse part of committing a sin is not accepting that it is a sin, but justifying it!

    If you must work because you are a single parent and have no support, I ask Allah to find you a way out and a halal option.

    If you are married but influenced by present day of career woman what have you; I ask Allah to guide your heart and guide you to the haqq

    Walahi sister, as a muslim stay at home with a Masters degree, I simply cannot emphasise that no one on this planet earth can take care of your children like you; the appointed keeper!

    I am married and gave up my job along time ago when i realised my obligation to Allah and to my kids. We barely make enough. But Allah provides and we are satisfied with His blessings.

    The destination is Jannah sister; not achievements in the workplace or your career.

    We need to fear Allah dear sister and submit to Allah in the ways that He has commanded.

    Death is very near.

    Let us work for the akeerah and please Allah in the most beautiful way just like Khadijah did.

    Indeed, how can we have Khalids, Umars, Abubakrs (may Allah be pleased with them all) if we pay others the service to do so.


    Allah gave that role to you!

    May Allah guide the Ummah of Nabie s.a.w and save us from the evil influences of the kufar and tricks of the cursed shaitan! Ameen

    • Subhana Allah I completely agree with you, this is taking responsibility by encouraging mothers let alone wives to prefer to work outside when not ” a necessity”. I’m a doctor myself and I can never justify my absence from my child to alleviate my guilt, but we shall get greater ajr in teaching our children Islam, memorising quran, and being ready for our husbands at all times. Subhana Allah, sister I feel like crying, you have touched my heart, I didn’t know there are still women like this out there, I’m Muslim convert, last year of medical school, a mother of a toddler, subhana Allah can we just be friends for Allah’s sake, ouhibuki fillah. You can contact me if possible. Since my conversion to Islam, I lost all friends because our friendships were based on Jesus Christ, now I hold a different perspective on life, I see these great achievements as trivial, I hope to help out in a local martenity hospital and Insha Allah when my kids will be grown up I shall open my own maternity at home. I’m facing lot’s of challenges with family cause their expectations of me is different, my father expects me to climb higher to proffersorship, to bear the family flag, yet I haven’t even memorised 2 juz from the quran yet, let alone learning the Arabic language. So I need encouraging words like this, you touch me most when you said death is near, as a doctor I can only tell you better. Please, I need your friendship or at least to hear from you.

  20. Mashallah, very useful article. I have been struggling with a guilty feeling recently for not doing enough to raise my children as good Muslims and this article just gave me the kick I needed to go on. Thank you.

  21. Assalamu alaikum Sister and all reading this.

    Great post.
    In this current day and age, it is not always so possible that one person is the breadwinner (as many here state), but that is not the focus of this article. This is for those that are working moms, this is not trying to encourage stay at home moms to alter their plans nor is it downing them.

    For some of us, (me included) we have no choice in the matter. Bills need to be paid.

    I own a freelance writing business, I am the sole proprietor. I also work fulltime at a behavioral health hospital in a position of authority. Has this influenced my child? yes. She is independent minded, more a leader than a follower. My working has not damaged her lol. I will say it is my intention to leave the hospital eventually inshallah and work from home on my writing business.

    Now onto the actual content. I agree with you about family time and organization. We must always set aside time with our loved ones, always. This not only recharges us, it helps us to bond and work on our iman as a family.

    Organization and time management is crucial . I have google calendar on my phone with reminders, I schedule out my week accordingly. Especially my evening events (I often spend time in the evening writing after my kid is asleep) For a real example, looking at my calendar app right now I see that I am editing two articles tonight after dinner/family time and on Tuesday I am writing a rough draft about social media/mental health during my lunch break.

    Also, you have 4 kids Sister! Mashallah this is beautiful, a house full of smiles and dirty hands lol