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  1. Baraka lawufiqum Jazakumullah khaer for the great interview.
    Many muslim women are facing challenges in their marriages and would benefit lots from counselling sessions from sister Haleh. Personally I am emotionally drained as a single mother of 3. I am struggling to balance between work, family, social and education for myself and the children. I need my children to grow up as good Muslims; God fearing above all. Can I please have more sessions on marriage or have her contact so that we can arrange for therapy.

  2. i am the very one u ppl are talking about. not a single thing that this lady said was not about me. thank you for addressing the key to my dpression. the negative selftalk i productively get influenced from. i want to attend her webminar. can u please provide me her contact information or anything like that

  3. JazakAllah khair for a v positive and encouraging interview. Would it be possible to get Dr Halah Banani’s contact info or address. I need her advice for my marital problems. JazakAllah khair

  4. I am impressed with the facts in articles which shows me that I’m actually sabotaging myself through my self-talk. Initially I used it for making me to be humble as sometimes people give appraisals which I thought too high than it should.

    I also feel that I don’t deserve any good attention from my in-law’s family as I constantly receive the action and feeling of they hating me. I cannot behave as family member as i am afraid of whatever I do will be mislead by them and inviting more hates towards me.

    I don’t love myself so that I cannot love other people. No wonder I have no close friend among collegues, neighbour or classmates. I feel pathetic of myself.

    Through this article, I will try to find right advisor and constantly positive self talk. It’s not easy but I must constantly put effort to change for better life here and here-after.

    Thank you for uploading the article.

  5. Thank you for the insight. It is very true. I my self always feel worries, thinking the negative impacts rather than th

  6. Masha Allah,
    A very motivating article for the sisters. It has really helped me and given me a lot of tips in maintaining self esteem.
    Jazaakallahu Khair to Sr. Haleh and Sr. Lotifa.

  7. MashAllah this is such an inspiring, helpful, and informative article. I learned so much and am going to apply what I’ve learned from this article starting today in shaa Allah. JazakAllah khair to Sisters Lotifa and Haleh for this extremely useful advice!

  8. Ma sha Allah building confidence in children at young age is very importance and freedom to dare helps them overcome life challenges.

  9. Jazakillahu khairan! It’s blatantly true that parents at times contribute to the low self esteem of their children but in my own case, alhamdulillah! my parents and even whole family made me believe in myself. This is one of the major tools in developing a high self esteem; “believe in yourself”, believe I can do it…but be positive and avoid negative things.

  10. Jazakallah qaer, its a wonderfull article. I learned the most from this is ” empowering selftalk” and “rewarding our children frequently”. May Allah shower his barakath on our intelligence.

  11. It’s hard to believe a lot of Muslims (esp. young teens) who take hollywood celebrities and other famous people who don’t represent Islam the right way as role models. And I just realized that we’re supposed to take our Prophet (peace be upon him) and his companions including Khadijah (may Allah be pleased with her) and women like her as role models. I’m really thankful for yoursharing.
    Jazaakum Allah Khair Sr. Haleh and Sr. Lotifa.

  12. I think I can reflect my thoughts using the comment mentioned above . MashAllah this is such an inspiring, helpful, and informative article. JazakAllah khair to Sisters Lotifa and Haleh for this extremely useful advice!

  13. Assalaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatulahi, May Allah (SWT) reward Sisters for this article. Aameen. After years of physical, verbal, emotional abuse from my husband, After crying & begging Allah (swt) for help, he gave me the courage to separate, however not yet divorced & like Sister Haleh mentioned the same as my therapist to (1) not give in to negative self talk & (2) don’t own or accept it from others! Alhamdulillah it has been extremely difficult on my own with 2 young boys the elder one already displaying the negative behaviour directed towards myself from his father… I don’t think women in abusive marriages realises how much it impacts on the children from a very tender age.. The younger son was very clingy & afraid when other people are around. Allah (SWT) is merciful & we are grateful that HE (SWT) has brought us this far. My word of advice to anyone going through bullying/abuse is that Allah Azza Wa Jal has created you for only one purpose (To worship only Him) when we take that path you then realise that everything else that is negative doesn’t belong in your presence, beg HIM for courage! Maa Salaam

  14. Jazaky Allah kheir for the inspiring article. Informative on how to bring up our children and on how self confidence plays a vital role upto adult life. A great book I would suggest is don’t be sad by aidh Al qarni available both in English and Arabic, very inspiring.