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  1. Salaam, brother Daawoud. May ALLAH SubhaanaHU wa Ta’aalaa, The Beneficent, The Merciful reward you for these articles that I have carefully been reading. Let me also congratulate you for a wonderful job. I wish to add, for the benefit of all parents and to-be-parents;Explore the Glorious Qur’aan and pray, pray and pray for a blessed family and offsrings. For example, look up the beautiful du’a at verse 74 of surah 25. Infact start from verse 6,and resolve to be among.See also surah 46 verse 15, in its mid is a du’a for righteous offsprings. Infact if one is yet to be 40,it will b
    is an advantage/opportunity to make it a du’a after every obligatory salaat(and other times) throughout the year one is 40yrs-inshaa ALLAH. Prophet Zakariyyaa, pbuh, also made similar du’a.Check the Honourable Qur’aan. All efforts are effective and blessed if you pray.May the best of ALLAH’S salutations, blessings and peace be upon HIS Messenger, MuhammadurrasuluLLAH.

  2. Assalamu alikum ,very beneficial article and came on correct time when i was seriously thinking about my children especially my son how to deal with him and most important now i am thinking how to make my husband read this article

  3. Alhamdullilah very beautifully summarized. something which worked beautifully for me ( as a mother) is the word SLOW DOWN, It works like a reminder and a miracle when i jst tell myself “SLOW DOWN”
    jazakallah khair

  4. Jazakallahu May Alllah reward you abundantly.In fact this is an article that every parent must read.It is so articulate Xraying our contemporary challenges admist their profound panaceas to parenting individuals of our time.