Productive Film-making: Ideas by the Couple Behind the Scenes of ‘Inspiration’


Productive Film-making: Ideas by the Couple Behind the Scenes of 'Inspiration' | ProductiveMuslim
Muhammad Bayazid & Samah Safi

The “Inspiration” mini-drama series released last Ramadan has attracted thousands of viewers from around the world. The 12-episode series sheds light on multivariate aspects of the life of Prophet Muhammad ṣallallāhu 'alayhi wa sallam (peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him), and how his life could directly relate to a young Muslim in the US today.

ProductiveMuslim interviewed the director of the series, Muhammad Bayazid. The young Syrian director has worked on major programs of eminent speakers across the Arab world. Besides documentaries, commercials and PSAs, he also directed “Muhammad”, the popular video of Swedish artist, Maher Zain.

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Interview with Leo Babauta: Founder of Zen Habits



“All I am is a regular guy, a father of six kids, a husband, a writer…but I have accomplished a lot over the last couple of years…”

In this interview with Leo Babauta, bestselling author and founder of top-ranking blog Zen Habits, you will get a glimpse of how he made these pivotal life changes:

  • Quit smoking
  • Lost almost 70 pounds
  • Became debt-free
  • Started eating healthier

Read on while Abu Productive sheds light on Babauta’s recipe for success at making big life changes and tips for overcoming common hurdles such as fear of change, lack of motivation, and loss of focus.

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[SISTERS] The Ultimate Guide to Reversing Hijabi Neglect


[SISTERS] The Ultimate Guide to Reversing Hijabi Neglect | ProductiveMuslim
Photo by Jason Howie: flickr[dot]com/photos/jasonahowie/

Deciding to wear hijab can be an overwhelming life change for a Muslim woman. Dealing with the social and spiritual consequences of this decision is more than enough to keep us busy. Unfortunately, this new spiritual development can come at the cost of one’s physical well-being. Wearing hijab is not simply a fashion modification; it is symbolic of a shift in focus from the Dunya to the Akhirah. This shift can be even more overwhelming for new Muslimahs due to their additional lifestyle modifications. The lifestyle modifications that usually parallel the adoption of hijab can be conducive to weight gain and a sedentary lifestyle.

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6 Tips to Help Lower Your Gaze


6 Tips to Help Lower Your Gaze | ProductiveMuslim
Photo by: flickr[dot]com/photos/c0t0s0d0/

The eyes have desires that have a great tendency to want to be fulfilled, as if there is a gravity-like force that pulls the sight to the things we should not be looking at. Like gravity, those who resist will feel the force acting on them, while those who just go with the flow will feel little or nothing at all. Like gravity, it takes a lot of strength to escape it.

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