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  1. I just can’t enough of this series. I love the way you put it all together.
    The last message you Wrote me was tremendously touching.
    I’m so excited that you’ll be writing season 2. Thank you!
    Will you make a TV series also. Lol
    Just a thought…


  2. I am not good at writing and expressing feeling, but when in emotional turbulence, I take a long breath and told myself not to throw things so many times and in loud voice that both my ears can hear it clearly. most of the times I failed, but yesterday I found it worked out well

  3. Assalam o alaikum sister ……I can’t explain in words.. how eagerly I wait for the every part of this series….Jazakallah hu khair for inspiring us with ur uniquely beautiful way to explain the fundamentals of Islam… May Allah Subhana hu wa’tala bless you more n more that you may influence the heart of many Muslims around the world through ur writting…

    Praying to see u soon among the top listed author for all the bestselling books worldwide…: ))))……

    • Your beautiful precious duaa brings tears to my eyes and leaves me completely speechless…
      I really don’t know what to say other than “thank you” from the bottom of my heart
      I’m truly grateful beyond any words can say…

  4. I’m writing for the very first time…Great series as everyone has said breathlessly…I personally can’t get enough of it…i myself have read many authors, but ur writing style is unconventional. The way u shift from “present to past in ur writing” is quite unique and more or less the essence of ur writing(good) which gives it a unique identity (i can identify ur paragraph even if ur name is not mentioned…haha)…looking forward to ur series and much twists and and turns in offing i guess…i wish to be a author someday… some tips are more than welcome

    • Honored and humbled Obaid…. Thank you so much for your heart warming comment
      And I hope your dream of becoming an author comes true soon
      I wrote a couple of articles about writing here on this lovely website if you’d like to check them out, and you can always submit your articles here to get a wonderful head start inshallah
      Good luck

  5. Assalamu alaykum. JazakaLlahu khairan for the beautiful message! Patience is definitely the key but so hard to get. I always try running away from where that in usually occurs either by moving physically away or trying to get people around me to take my mind off it. It doesn’t always work but I keep praying…

  6. First of all, powerful content. Hats off to that. Even I believe patience is a must, its a barrier. Second of, I always remind myself “Verily, Allah is with the patient”, to keep my cool, sometimes it doesn’t work, especially when my guard is quite weak, but majority of the time it helps, and i keep telling myself, I can do it, this is a test. Can’t wait to read the rest :)

  7. Hmmmmmm……I’m normally better at decoding stories but…’re the weaver..will be patient…

    Patience alongside trials from Allah, never thoguth of it in this way…temptations and patience…all hung on tawakkul….marvelouse surmise Lilly….Jazakalllahu khairan!

  8. Ma Sha Allah, Sister, you keep raising the bar! Alhamdulillah for writing so beautifully. May Allah continue to inspire you with wisdom of words. Ameen.

  9. I swear, every time I read a part of this story, I tell myself, “wow, loved this one even more than the previous one” – just brilliant! I’m simply H O O K E D !

    The thing I love most about this series (except the amazing plot aha) is how I’m able to relate to these characters. I may not have a substance abuse problem but I find myself addicted to things that are bad for me. And the advice given to Maggie is advice I will most definitely heed and I will try to implement in my life – and for that, jazakillah khayr, sister!

  10. You write so beautifully, Masha Allah! I especially love this series because of your use of people with relatable problems to pass across the importance of living Islam. I can’t wait to read more!

  11. Jazakallah khair! This is a write up that everyone can relate to and very interesting to read. Keep up the good work!

  12. Jazakallahu khairan. May Allah shower His blessings on you and your family. Can’t wait for the next episode!!

  13. Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu. Subhanallah! I was just thinking about this series when my email showed this one. Alhamdulillah. The verse ‘indeed after hardship there is ease’ is a mantra that I recite non-stop when I feel low and the thought of Allah being with the patient motivates me to continue. Making Dua when you feel like breaking down is a big help…if you can’t ask Allah then who can you ask? Verily, He is the All-Hearing and the answerer of Dua.
    May Allah make our ease the reward of Jannatul Firdaus. Ameen.

  14. Assalamu alaykum.
    I just want to thank the author. Like anybody else, i loved the series, and read each one in one breath. Mashallah for the sister. I am proud to be a Muslim after reading your stories. It reminds that Islam has answers to all problems, and makes it so relevant to now and here. And i can relate to the characters, and find some level of myself in them. Let Allah inspire you even more with words of wisdom

  15. The Prophet SAV said: if you get angry, keep silence!
    This is the best method I use to do stupid things when i get angry.
    Jazakalllohu Khair sister. I love your series. I pray to Allah that there are more muslims like you in our Ummah.

  16. I can’t stop falling in love with this series more and more! It has become my reading material right after suhoor each time. Thank you sister! May Allah continue to bless you with immense knowledge and reward you for inspiring others with your brilliant articles!

  17. Really lovely write-ups. The message is always clear even though our human instincts for the storyline often threatens to mask it from us.
    جزاك الله كثيرا

  18. Really lovely write-ups. The message is always clear even though our human instincts for the storyline often threaten to mask it from us.
    جزاك الله خيرا كثيرا

  19. Sister Lily you’re so blessed! Allah has blessed you with such a wonderful talent and you are using it in the best way possible. :) Thanks so much for inspiring and instilling faith and valuable lessons of Islam – just your way! :)

    Waiting eagerly for the next part….

  20. Inspriing articles. I started reciting astaghfar at times of stress and take deep breaths. I realized when mind is clear of emotions, one can think straight and can control themselves in much better way.

  21. Ma Shaa Allah. Such a beautifully written piece, just like the earlier ones. Jazaakillahu khairan Sister. May Allah swt bless you with good health and happiness always to continue inspiring others with your gift.

    Running in races was my drug until at a certain point, it took away quality time I could have spent my family. It took me several reminders from kind souls before I started cutting down on the number of races and did more leisure short runs as a form of healthy workout and got my kids involved. Detoxing my body from the craving of endorphins was not easy and Ramadhan gave me an excellent opportunity to rewire myself…

    Patience is indeed a virtue of Mukmins. It’s easy to jump at anything or anyone who has upset us. Keeping a cool and level head is something I am coaching myself. The consistent reminder of the foundations of Islam, should be my guidance. Reading this, has helped me consolidate myself and put everything in perspective…

    A work-in-progress…

  22. Salam, What I do to remain patient in times of afflictions is that I remember that this may be a test from Allah and I need to pass this test and attain His pleasure and Heaven or this could be a punishment to remove my sins so I concentrate on what I have been doing different lately and if I see myself in the wrong, I repent to Allah. This helps me change my attitude to whatever is happening and calms me down. Also I have learnt that keeping silent and asking Allah for help through dua silently helps immensely especially when I have to deal with a dominant ,unjust authority over me and avoiding arguments, places of humiliation, conflict and impious company are all means of prevention of hardships. Remember, this is the Dunya, the lowest part of creation. Its not a place of perfection so do not cry over THE DUNYA. It’s not worthy of someone like you to cry over something so insignificant. It does not mean anything to Allah but YOU matter to HIM thats why He tests you to reward you with something greater and perfect, heaven or lets your sins be wept away through some pain and loss that you may experience in this world. So keep your cool and pray to Him to take you out of your misery and wait. You will witness yourself how Allah brings you out of it and gives you ease. Also remember there are two eases with every hardship. Read Surah Inshirah. Allah has not forsaken you. Read Surah Duha. He loves us dearly and provides for us even when some of us are disobeying Him. He does not take all His blessings away, just one and that for your own benefit or because of your own sins. Don’t commit sins. Protect your self, your blessings, your future by staying away from the big major, shameless sins and Allah will protect you from other evil and difficulties. Seek help through calling out to Him, by doing the deeds He loves, going to the Masjid, reading Quran in the language you understand best and giving some charity. Allah is quick in forgiveness and mercy so make use of whatever you can to make yourself eligible for Allah’s mercy and forgiveness. Stay away from bad company. Make pious friends who take their religion seriously and are loyal to Allah and His messenger Muhammad, may peace and blessings of Allah be on him. Read the Quran. Allah is very close to you. May Allah remove our sorrows, grief,regrets and sins. O Allah purify us with your light and guide us lovingly and gently to your path. Ameen.

  23. AssalamuAlaikum,
    I really appreciate this story since it reflects on our daily challenges in our life. If I have to keep up with my patience while facing challenges. I think I’d up reading Holly Quran and search for inspirations and try to keep motivating myself.

  24. Hmmm it’s a tough one though but somehow I try to get over it by doing other things that make me happy and try as much as possible not to talk about it. somtimes wen am overwhelmed I pray and meditate to Allah for guidance.