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  1. Thank you for writing this. As a parent of a special needs child, I constantly feel the ups and downs associated with it, and I’m sure there are many others dealing with even more than I do. I can truly relate to this article. I recently enrolled my child in a group for others with similar needs, and its been really great for her to have guided positive interactions with others her age. I’m looking into finding one for parents as well. But I agree in looking for the ease is truly helpful and allows me to feel gratitude for the blessings I have, and makes for a more positive outlook.

      • Wow ! I love the reality of acceptance and the true feelings that go with this article. Looking after normal children is difficult but taking care of a child with special needs is a greater responsibility. May Allah grant ease to each and every parent and may they be rewarded for the sacrifice that they make.

  2. Assalam o alaikum. I have no words to say. I am completely speechless. I am not a mother ..i am not even married. But i am going through a tough phase in life and didnt know what to do. You made me so much stronger.

    Thank you. Just thank you. May Allah bless you. Alot. Ameen

    • Actually your heartfelt comment has left me speechless too Dr. Ahmed
      I’m blessed God put me as a means to help in any way. May you find the happiness and peacefulness you’re looking for, and may the ease wash away all the hardships you’ve ever known….

  3. SubhanaAllah ! These brought tears to my eyes . You’re very strong person . May Allah ease you pain , heal your child and reward you with firdous with hisaab . Amen

    • Phewwwwwww I’m glad you changed that to “without” hisaab :)
      God knows I’m not strong enough for it and I wish from the bottom of my heart God will accept your duaa Iza even if I don’t deserve it…
      I’m truly grateful….

  4. MashaAllah! Thank you sister for such great tips.

    May Allah reward you imensely for sharing some of your knowledge.
    Really beautiful piece!

      • Thank u Lilly for sharing and teaching us all how facing the truth about all our tests in life will only make us who we are. You changed my life before and yet there is more you change every day.
        May Allah bless you my mentor, hero, and your teachings are my guide to my true purpose in life

  5. Our uniquely talented and extraordinary writer and most importantly our super special mom.. Love the article .. God bless u and sino..

  6. Jazahallah. I am not a mother, but your pain and frustration was practically palpable. I think you’re super cool, doing what you are! May Allah make every days trials easier and sweeter for you, In sha Allah. Keep safe. Your family is in my thoughts; ‘all’ of you. May smiles and blessings be yours. Masalamah.

    • You think I’m cool? :) I just can’t stop smiling honestly. This is the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard and your duaa will keep me smiling for weeks to come…. Blessed with amazing readers like you Tasneem

  7. I was really surprised to see this article when I opened my mail box bcoz when I was coming from a shop today I noticed a child sitting on a wheel chair outside the shop, I understood that his parents had left him outside for a while when they had gone inside…….. suddenly I was thinking are they also not humans …. what all thoughts come up ……….. were they too not created by the creator…….. why was this child and many others born like this? is it really a blessing in disguise or is it just our assumption that it is a blessing………… Allah knows best

    • John,
      To put a perspective on your experience, I very very seldom lay take my son inside a shop because he will want to grap everything within its reach, especially newspapers. If I can go quickly inside for my needs, then I will do it. Also, some corner shops here in Britain, do not have enough space for wheelchairs.

    • My humble belief is that if its out of your hands then it’s definitly a blessing…
      That child is an angel in God’s eyes… And even with all the tough times in this brief life, the reward is eternal

  8. Thank you for this.
    Being a parent is hard. Being a parent to a child with extra needs is extra hard.
    Parenting a child with extra needs is like a marathon.
    It takes a superhero to admit what you wrote Lulls. Thanks for educating the general public about children with disabilities, it’s a well needed article for all of us. May Allah shower blessings on you and your loved ones!

    • One of the few people in my life who really know the truth. Perhaps it takes a superhero to admit a weakness….
      And it takes a superhero to see the blessings in life through all the hardships… And you Julia are one of my most amazings blessings….

  9. Assalam alaykum and Jazak Allah for this beautiful article,
    I work with special kids and often marvel at the strength of the parents who raise them and deal with everything that comes along. I encourage parents of special kids to speak out about the needs of their kids and how the community can support them. What should we say to such a mother, and what should we never say. Often one feels awkward and does not know how to respond, or is judgemental due to a loss of knowledge. I think with more education, we can avoid the hurtful things we say to parents who are already burdened, and be supportive instead.

  10. As salaam alaikum wa rahmuttulah wa barkatahu,
    I am a mother of two kids (though not special needs) and your beautiful article brought tears to my eyes sister. I know being a mother is so Tough and being a special mother is really very tough. May Allah taala give you the inner strength and patience and perseverance to face every day of your life. Ameen. I really liked your article and will surely follow your guidelines in raising my kids. Here’s to all we super moms !!!

    • To all the super moms (lots of lovely women throwing confetti up in the air) lol
      I’m so touched by your beautiful words and pure blessed tears. I really don’t know what to say Ghazala

  11. I love this article, it brought tears in my eyes. When I saw it in my mailbox, I was very surprised as I don’t feel topics like these are covered in Islam much without it being the usual cliched things. As a carer for my younger brother, I understand how hard it can be but the part about the child having the unique talent I could relate to. Earlier on in the year, I visited a ‘Qiraat and Nasheed Night’ in my brother’s school – all children with special needs – and the way they recite the words of Allah left me speechless and in tears. The rahmah of Allah is truly amazing. May Allah shower his blessings on us all.

  12. Assalaamu’alaikum my dear Sister. I read your heartfelt article and it made me emotional. I know where you’re coming from and you are not alone my dear sister. I have 16 year old son who is also special needs – Aspergers Syndrome. I’ve been through tough times with him especially after he went high school and I had no choice but to to take him out and do homeschooling with him which was another tough challenge in the beginning because I didn’t know where to start and how to start plus having my son doing my head in all the time. Alhamdulillah with Allah’s mercy things have improved, MashaAllah laa quwwata illa Billah. Many things I’ve learnt through my errors – is to teach them life skills, social skills and house rules, and see it as a boot camp training and remain persistent even in melt downs. They need to know rules are rules. And above all, we need to stay positive that even though at times we may lose patience and say “why me” it is actually a way of Allah lovingly moulding us into better people – the people of Sabr and people of Shukr. InshaAllahu Ta’ala He will pull us through..,and our reward is only with Allah alone.

    • I think you’re my new superhero Umm Zulqarnain….
      I don’t know if I’ll ever have that kind of will and strength. God bless every minute of your life and fill it with joy and happiness…. Amen

      • You do have the strength and courage within you my dear sis, otherwise you wouldn’t have had the strength to write this beautiful article whilst everything going on in your life. You know the best thing about this test of yours? You speak more personally with Allah, you know you can only share deeply with Him so you let it out in front of Him, and by doing this you’re becoming closer and closer to Allah, InshaAllah, Ameen. Ask yourself my dear sister, have you ever spoken soooo closely to Allah like this and have you ever felt this close to Allah in your life? SubhanAllah, you’re blessed MashaAllah, and so are all the mothers who have children with special needs. You all stand out in the crowd MashaAllah! For us mothers who are struggling with our children please don’t forget that we are getting the reward of Jihad InshaAllah everyday because it is striving as a Jihad. Love you sister Lilly and all the mothers for the sake of Allah.

  13. I am mother to 3 kids one of them with high needs . Your article just made me cry. I am feeling very emotional. May Allah make us strong and patient

    • I suddenly feel like I have a new family of great moms who understand me inside out….
      A big warm 2 hour long hug for you Shahana…. Sometimes that’s just all we need to keep going

  14. Assalamualaikum,
    I’m 20 years-old boy, and I read this. I mean, I am not a mother who has disability child. But this article still effected by me. Thank you
    May Allah always guide you :)

  15. Very true ! Mashaa Allah may Allah increase your knowledge and the knowledge of our ummah to understand and accept our existence in this world. Also I ask Allah for all of us to make life easy in this life and reward us in akhira four our patience.

  16. I didn’t know you’re a psychologist, Sister Lilly, ma sha Allah, no wonder you have such deep insight into human nature. I’m not a mom yet, but we all have different tests in life. I suffer from depression and i totally know how it feels to be misunderstood and looked down on what people perceive as you “fault” or failure or stupidity or laziness. I think the only way to increase people’s empathy and understanding of mental health problems, and of cutting out the stigma is mass education on rudimentary psychology.

    • You said it all Tabassum! Perhaps what Muslims need today is a fresh batch of positive energy and a new perspective on how to make this world a better place.
      Thank you for your comment honey, and I hope you find peace and happiness sooner than soon :)

  17. JazakAllah for writing this. Today was a very stressful day for me. As I just broke into tears in front of my family. My tears told them that I am not a strong mom. They gave me all sort of tips on how to be strong cause they don’t understand how it feels when your own special need child rejects you, when you try to stop her from hurting other’s. How your own child thinks it ok to hurt his parents too, when my endless love and support for him doesn’t work wonders. Today reading this makes me feel I am not alone. I need to accept my challenge and stop feeling like I am a bad parent and am not able to help my child. You have truly helped me, only another mother going through the same thing could have helped me understand this..thank you so much!!

    • Oh Annue reading your words, I just can’t possibly explain how much I understand and relate to what you’re going through. Sometimes it can be a very lonely journey.. But we are all here for you. Perhaps we should start a support group or moms club or something… God knows we all need the advice and encouragement

    • As salaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,,

      May ALLAH SWT bless all parents in this situation

      i met a teacher once who said that when children are taught sign language at a very early age it helped them to function and grow emotionally

      i am going to send this article to my sister who also had a son who had cerebal palsy and how she coped
      i would like her to share her thoughts Bi IdhnilLah

  18. Assalamu alaiku,

    I laughed when I read he wanted Allah’s phone number. :)

    As a mother who has lived now 20 years with a special needs child, I will add a few things:

    1. Ask for help. From friends, from the government, from family. Don’t be afraid to ask. Your child was sent to you as a test but SO was he sent to the community as a test. Everybody who comes into contact with a special needs person, it is a test for him/her.

    2. Be mindful of the relationship with your husband too. Yes, he should understand too but he still has needs. Balancing between the needs of a special needs child and a husband is harder than balancing between the needs of the special child and the other children or balancing the needs of children and husband. Because the other children will adapt much more and will consider it as “no big deal” as this is all what they have known: life with a special needs sibling. It is different for parents.

    3. This is especially true for boys with special needs but can also apply to girls. Alhamdulillah, I am fortunate enough that my son can be in a room with women even though he is now an adult. However, you need to put things into place so that you can still go out when your son grows up into a teen and into an adult. Make sure the father/husband knows the boy well and is used to take him out. This is true for all teen boys but even more so for a teen special needs boy.

    If I remember things later on, I’ll let you know. My son is now 22, I have 5 other children (aged 8 till 26) and I am now a single mother. Walhamdulillah.

    • This is extremely valuable advice Mariam… Thank you so much
      I’m a single mom too… And I know how having a special needed child puts stress on the marriage.
      May God grant us all patience and serenity… Amen

  19. Masha Allah. May Allah keep you strong and bless us with many more of your amazing writings. Practical, heart-warming. Taqabbalallah, May Allah bless you and your loved ones always.

    • I’m the one blessed with such amazing readers Waleed…
      Without all of you, I would have been in a much darker place I’m sure..
      Thank you for this beautiful heart warming comment

  20. May the Almighty See u and your family, may He heal your burden n give U jannatul a’ala. Alhamdulillah ala kullu halin

  21. I am lilly’s father, with all what she is passing through ,she has a unique sense of humor,and easily puts a smile on her family’s faces.she never loads us with her problems but even helps other wives and friends with marital sessions, using her speciality, guiding them through their problems.she always upgrades herself, and although she is an AUC graduate,in mass comm. Journalism, she studies more and got her degrees in psychology,writing for kids,publishing,body language and many others which I may know by chance..Many times,I think of how she has the time for all that, and I end up saying, it is ( GOD WILL). Do you know why I am honored and proud to be her father? .

    • It’s my turn to cry and cry….
      Nothing I say will ever be enough to show how much I love and respect you Dad…. I’m the luckiest girl in the world to be your daughter… And will spend the rest of my life trying to make you proud… Still wouldn’t cover even a fraction of what you do for me and my kids….
      You’re the reason I feel safe in this world… May God keep you safe, happy and healthy for all of us… Amen

  22. Great article, May Allah bless you and grant you strength and endurance. You have really set an example for all mothers .

    • I wish I was an example Nahida :)
      But the truth is I do break down every now and then just like all the moms here. Except I’m blessed with patience from Allah and all your lovely amazing support

  23. Salam…thanks for the article. Truly, caring for a child already a heavy and enormous responsibilty what’s more a special needs. Sharing a bit of my friend, Jenna’ story.. she has a special need brother younger than her by 4yrs. Naturally, she is the example for her brother…though she is dumbstruck. Not knowing how to interact with her bro, Mirza, not knowing how to help ease her parents load, being attacked by community judgementals, she was lost. Regardless of getting counsel by her family and people aound her, she still couldn’t cope with the emotions well especially when facing mean looks and comments from outsiders. But deep down in her heart something tell her to have patience. She wakes up every morning 4am and pray. As days goes by, she realised that she learned new lesson from her brother everyday. She learned that things is a lot easier when she accept that her brother is different. Her prayers were answered. “It used to be a pain when even a person is staring. But things changed when once i took Mirza to play at the park and other kids started to run to their parents saying Mirza is weird as if they have seen a monster and their parents to join in the unharmonious crazy critics yet a group of 3 siblings came back with their dad and he asked if we wanna play together. I just say that my brother is different, that daddy’s reply was simply ‘everyone is different in their own ways so let’s go’. I cudnt be more brave and confident ever since that day. Alhamdulillah.”

    As a preschool teacher, I came through a lot of different kids. Family will start to deny if their children are different because of mainly fear of community. But when people give even just a smile to these family, their loads has been eased greatly.

  24. Very touching….. Brought tears to my eyes…. May Allah help you and your family and everyone out there having tough times…. Hats off to this super mom…. Stay strong and blessed…. Keep inspiring people :)

  25. Dear Sister this article made me cry and cry! My heart goes out to reach your heart, may Allah give you all the strength mentally plus physically and be what you are! You are so sincere and honest! Allhumma baarik laha, i love you sister for the sake of Allah!may Allah give you good health and expand your lifespan aameen! Jazakallahkhair

    • I can’t imagine anything good enough that I’ve done in my life to deserve such love and praise. I’m truly humbled and have turned into a cry baby reading these heart touching comments…
      I’m speechless Fathima…. I don’t know how to express my gratitude… I really don’t

  26. salaam sis, what a refreshingly honest and human article!
    May Allah make it easier for you. Just remember Allah has promised not to burden any soul beyond what it can bear.
    You are stronger than you think.

    • I guess we all don’t know how strong we are till being strong is the only option
      AlhamduAllah for the ease God gives with every hardship. And alhamduAllah for readers like you Nadia who lift me up when I’m down…

  27. Love the article and love the super mom! InshaAllah you will find your reward in paradise.. Love your way of writing and how you inspire every one around you

  28. Assalam alaykum and Jazaki Allah for this v productive and valuable article, it made me cry
    let me tell you that you are really GIFTED not for having such a biiig trials but by being able to handle it with such a wonderful patience and prayer as Allah wanted
    إِنَّمَا يُوَفَّى الصَّابِرُ‌ونَ أَجْرَ‌هُم بِغَيْرِ‌ حِسَابٍ
    Indeed, the patient will be given their reward without account.” (10)Az-Zumar
    Also, I always remember this beautiful ayah
    “Allah does not charge a soul except [with that within] its capacity”.
    May Allah shower blessings on you and your Family and reward you all unlimited and give the strength and power to handle everything
    you go through

    • Your words are beautiful and very soothing Effat…
      Thank you for this heart felt Duaa… I’m truly humbled by all this love and support… I’m gifted with such amazing and wonderful readers… Alhamduallah

  29. May Allah grant you befitting patience and reward you with Jannah-I truly have no words for how i feel after reading this article-It was an emotional jerker for me.

    • I tried to keep it light and just show a snapshot of my life, but reading the comments now I guess I went a little overboard lol
      You have a pure soft heart Shadia mashAllah. Please remember us in your prayers….

  30. salaams

    beautiful may ALLAH bless all of you who contributed

    its not the special needs person but the society around that person

    we are the ones that everything is perfect only ALLAH SWT is Perfect

    we are mere mortals trying to please HIm in everyway
    salaams and duas

  31. Salaam Lilley, I trust you well Algamdulillah. MashaAllah, such a wonderful and honest article. There is so much we can learn from this. Honesty is always the best policy.
    Allah test us many a time. At times we are so overwhelmed with what is happening but as we are taught Allah is forever near, and Allah will never forsake us. I think you mentioned it, Allah will never burden us more than we can bear.
    May Allah continue to guide you and give you the strength to continue to inspire us InshaAllah Ameen.

  32. Assalamulaqum to all…your article made me shed a tear for you , myself and other parents who suffer in silence. Whether it is special needs, bullying, self-harming or discrimination a parent is pushed to a limit never imaginable in their life time!
    At times I found my self thinking what had I done for this to happen to us?
    Every day is a challenge and every day my faith grows stronger. I know now as a 42 year old mother , that the only person to help me is Allah!
    I pray continuously for parents prayers to be heard and difficulties to be dealt with.
    Be strong , stay true, we are here for a short time, we must have a purpose

    • We try to take it one day at a time… And hope Allah gives us the strength and patience
      May we meet in Jannah Rukhsana and laugh together at the days we thought were a huge challenge

  33. Thank you my dear sister for sharing our story. I have a beautiful special son by the name of Yusuf who I wouldn’t trade for anything. I pray inshallah one day me and my beautiful son will meet in ferdous and he will be healthy and we will be together forever praising Allah swt-oh what a glorious day that will be?

  34. Assalamu alaikum Lily

    I am a speech language pathologist . Everyday I deal with children who are differently abled. And I have loved each one of them like my own kid. One thing I want to tell you is as you said every child has a unique ability , the challenge is in finding it out and boosting the talent . And never despair in the mercy of Allah . Verily Allah is with the patient

    I always picturize my different abled children with their mothers in high pavillions of paradise .

    ” Indeed with every hardship there is ease ”

    May Allah (swt) give you strength and may your child make you proud someday

    In shaaAllah

    Love you and your son for the sake of Allah <3

  35. Asalaamu alaikum wr wb sis,

    I am so humbled by this piece and the knowledge you’ve imparted. Alhumdulilah, I have an amazing younger special needs sibling akin to your wonderful son, and this piece totally made me see my parents in a new light. I’m super grateful to have such extraordinary parents and an extended families in our ummah, alhumdulilah. JazakAllahu khayr, thank you for sharing bits of your life that have added so much meaning to ours, especially spot on with the goal of seeing our Beloved Creator, bithinilah that will come to pass soon… as we will reflect over this life like it was a day or half a day… ameen. :))))))

    PS: Sometimes, I’m just silly and I try to think of the most silliest positive thing if I don’t see it around when things go awry. For instance, I recently stopped accepting certain weddings because of the unnecessarily haram activities going on, so when things get a little harder than usual as cheer up I think of how fabulous my sibling’s wedding will be in jannatul firdous (no worries of haraam activities at all! LOL) and it makes me giggle with joy!! Could you imagine, all the extra especially truly beautiful weddings invites to come bithnilah tala I look forward to your son’s as well dear sister!! ;)

    much love,

    • If this is silly then I think we all need to be silly more often…. For your dreams and thoughts are like soothing balm to our pain. Perhaps your parents have it tough with your brother, but God is Fair and He gave them a beautiful gift to balance it out…. You

  36. As salam mualikum sister i csunwan understand your pain when i was reading your article but something pricked me while reading the even minor details you wrote down about your sons experience please i know how it feels but this is something you should have expected as i havehad experiences with such kids but one thing i had learned is that you get rewarded by Allah whilst you serve them but be sure of the fact that your son wont have any accountability on the day of judgement , he would go to jannah in sha Allah . And dont loose hope its just about training kids .,

  37. Assalamu alaikum sisters, this article comes to me when I’m going through one of the most diffcult phases of my life. I am married, without children. Just spent a night crying and screaming in du’a. Now, I don’t know if you are more blessed or me.I think both of us are, in different ways. When there are people to look down on us, like this is all a fruit of our sins, when the pressure of society gets too high that you start avoiding them, when you can’t explain your parents and in-laws that you can’t do pretty much about your problems other than pray, when you can dream of nothing but beautiful, righteous and fit children all day …. It’s time! It’s time to cry out in front of the Lord. Cry so much that your heart feels devoid of pain after you’ve spilt it all. It is the wailing baby who gets the feed first is what my mom says. And I’ve been crying, screaming, wailing, withering out of pain just like you are. Not having enough support from your loved ones worsens it more. Your article brings more tears but I feel slightly stronger for the challenges I don’t have to face. I think it’s the way of Allah to make us stronger that he makes us meet those who are more immersed in the waters of pain than we are. Alhamdulillah ala kulli haal. I pray that you get more help, more support and more of everything you need. May He ease your pain, the pain of your loved ones, the pain of your children, the pain of every mother who is told shes “special”. Aameen. Include me in your duas, In sha Allah.

    • I’m very touched by your story….
      It was once upon a time my story too… For three years I cried and prayed coz I couldn’t have kids… And then I had my son and it’s been a challenge every day. But after Yasseen my son came my daughter, and she’s a princess from heaven alhamduAllah.
      I would not have had the patience for my son if I hadn’t waited for him for years…
      And I would not have appreciated the goodness of my daughter if I didn’t have a special needs son!
      Sobhan Allah. God does everything for a reason…
      All I know is that the key to all our problems is “esteghfar” I promise Binte… It makes everything better and solves all problems eventually
      May God fill your life with joy and happiness… Amen

  38. It took me a while to able to push myself to read this article, as I knew what was ahead of me.. I see and feel the pain you go through everyday, maybe I just didn’t want to read it as well!! Love you sis and I pray for you all the time that God grants you the happiness you deserve.. Love you..

  39. Salamz,

    I cannot take my severely Autistic son to the Mosque because they have no understanding of the issue. His siblings don’t know why he screams and punches and shouts.

    I have no idea what I did in my life to deserve this. People say its a “Test from Allah” but in mind from beginning to end continuous yelling, shouting, punching, throwing things is “Not a Test” of any kind its an ordeal which I have to deal with for the rest of my life. The only peace in our lives is when he sleeps. There is no cure, there is no help and there is no support because at the end of the day no matter what break you get it will be back to the same thing and it is the same schedule 24×7 from Morning till Night.

    I am a practicing Muslim but I don’t even involve Allah or Destiny into it, I don’t make Dua because there is no point. His condition won’t change. This is not to say that my faith is damaged or weakened; I don’t know why its happened.

    We are where we are; there is nothing special about it. There is nothing Blessed about it.

    We just deal with what we have to deal with it.

    The Muslim community has no understanding of these matters and to be frank I don’t expect them to help me; its my help and I will do what I can until I physically simply cannot and whatever happens at the end of it will happen.

    So in order to get through this ordeal you need to have a very matter of fact attitude. When you begin to have hope (make Dua etc) you will simply get disappointed. You practice Islam follow Sunnah but understand and accept that this is an ordeal which will last a lifetime.


    • I totally understand how you feel and I don’t think there’s anything I can say to make you feel better… You’re the one living it and you’re the one suffering through it
      I remember feeling this way at a point and refusing to take anyone’s advice. Until I finally did and it really helped…
      The special needs school my son is in is wonderful and they’re really taking care of him
      The doctors prescribed medication that keep his tantrums and seizures under control
      My son used to sleep 2-3 hours every 36 hours! But now therapy helped adjust his sleeping patterns
      Yes it’s still a challenge, but accepting it and making the best out of it really helped…
      May God grant you patience and peace Art… And if you ever need to talk… We are all here for you

  40. salaam…..!
    I’m in love with your style of writing! Reading this& knowing what you had to cope with made my respect for you more. For every cloud there is a silver lining sister. May Allah continue to strengthen you& give you the will power to handle the trials of this world. May Allah lessen your burdens & make things easier for you & all sisters going through one form of challenge or the other. May Allah reward us all with success in this life& d hereafter. Kudos to you Lilly!

  41. Assalaamu alaikum dear sister. Made me cry reading the article. Amazed by the strength and patience you are undergoing. May Allah azza wa jalla ease your tasks and give you sabr.Duas from me.

    • Oh I wish I was that strong and patient but I honestly get a lot of ups and downs…
      Without my loved ones support and my amazing readers’ encouraging comments and most of all God’s blessings I would be in a very different place I’m sure
      Grateful for your sincere and touching duaa. Thank you Shahiriya

  42. salaam…..
    I’m in love with your style of writing. Reading this article and knowing what you had to put up with made me respect you the more. You are a strong willed lady; and that alone makes you really special!
    May the Almighty Allah continue to give you the strength, courage, and wisdom to handle this trial.
    Life is filled with various forms of challenges; may the Almighty Allah continue to shower his mercies upon all those going through one form of trial or the other. May Allah grant us all the needed relief, & crown all our efforts with success in this world and in the hereafter. For every cloud there is a silver lining. You never allowed your problems to crumble you; that’s a good lesson for all; you remained a good mum to a challenging & special child; all through it all you embraced, explored &excelled at the many talents you were gifted with by Allah (SWT). Continue to shine Lilly; I’m so proud of you!

    • Sekina I don’t know what to say… I don’t feel I deserve all these beautiful words. I only feel blessed and gifted by this love I’m getting. It makes me love my son more and see how God is Fair. Perhaps he’s the reason I needed to distract myself with something positive and find the talent God gave me….
      Your comment will have a special place in my heart…. Amazing people like you are the reason people like me believe they can shine one day….
      All my love and gratefulness….

  43. Assalaamu’alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuhu,
    Dear Sister Lily, your story really touched my heart, thank you for inspiring us with such good advice and thoughts. As a mother of three young children, one with a speech delay special need, sometimes I ended up sobbing after having a hard day with them. After all this time, I realize it now that all of what I’ve been facing is somehow a test to strengthen me, and my kids as well, in relying only to Allah, and Allah always provides us with the best things perfectly fitted for each one of us.
    Baarakallahu for you and all of your family.


    • All my love to you and your beautiful children Asfira…. And may every tear you cried become a river for you in Jannah….

  44. Assalamu alaikum dear sid
    u made my heart weep….may Allah bring us altogether in his beautiful Jannah..lets meet from there and share the happiness :) :)

    • Amen Binth Latheef… Just thinking of meeting you and everyone who posted beautiful comments here is an indescribable happiness in itself
      My your heart always weep with joy, never with sadness…

  45. I m not a parent nor married yet.. But i read this article to gain knowledge.. And i learnt a lot.. Jazakillahu Khayrn sister.. ❤? i pray for you and Deniel.. ?

  46. Dear Sis,

    Do not let the deceiver Shaytaan weaken u up. Please try your best to wake up at least 30 mins before Fajr performing 2 rakaat of Tahajjud prayer and to talk to your real friend Allah asking Him for sabr as great as Mount Uhud. Seize this opportunity as Allah descends in the lowest Heaven inquiring if there is someone needing something. In Sha Allah u will feel calmer, refresh, armed with abundance of sabr and courage to tackle your lifelong test. There u r sis, brighten your face with a lovely smile and do not forget that u r in our duahs.

  47. Alhamdulillah..What a motivational article. I m not a parent yet… i have learnt a lot from this article..You are really very strong person… i will pray for you and your family