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  1. Jazakallah khair brother for sharing all beautiful thoughts which is very necessary for every Muslim.we should be prepared for hereafter exam . May Allah unite us in jannatulfirdaus Aameen

  2. Shukran so much abu productive and sana gul waseem for that beneficial advice, it helps me so much to read ur articles evryday, its truly inspiration and food for the soul.we need more people like u guys in the world, may Allah grant this website to grow from strength to strength in evry part of the world, and may Allah grant u victory and success over this disbelievers Ameen!

  3. Alhmdlillah, your articles are a constant part on the back, a reminder and a source of light through the path of life of a true believer. Certainly, to sustain the good acts of worship one has to be strong, committed, truthfull, sincere and practical.
    May Allah In His infinite mercy continue to purify our hearts to always accept the truth and act by it. To you and your team, we pray that Allah
    continues to bless, guide, also give you the strength and endurance to continue with the excellent work and reward you with Jannah, ameen

  4. As salaamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barkatahu,
    Its necessary to read the Quran and understand and implement it in our daily life and follow the sunnah and safeguard ourselves against major sins. All this can be achieved only through trying hard to turn towards Allah and by obeying him, so always make dua to Allah to turn ur hearts towards him.

  5. I want to genuinely thank you for this keen and sound advice. I am going through some difficulties in my life at the moment . Even at times when I feel alone a d abandoned I try to always keep in mind that it can always be worse and all that Allah (SWT) has and is doing for me. This has made me see things in a greater light. MashaAllah! :)

  6. Jazakillah khair sister. May Allah swt bless you and accept you and the entire team of Productive Muslim and give you more strength to serve the Ummah. Ameen.

  7. Jazakom Allah khayran , I will do it now and read azkar , it’s something that I really need but always dont do it because I am too lazy ,
    would you talk about laziness and the love of sleeping ,we all would be very happy, its something common among most of us ,its a problem specially for those who are students and required to get good grades , .. a problem that prevents us even from performing our daily prayers !… ?
    thanks alot for the effort:)

  8. Allah fulfills all our needs, He guides us, it is only Allah who is with the Wrongdoer after he repents, rest of the world leaves him, he showers him with His blessings and makes him pure…We all shall try till our last breath for the sake of Allah. Ameen.
    I request you to send me the 1 to 5 parts of this

  9. If somebody have this dhikr 100 times a day definitely he wil be protected from satan, the curse.” La illaha illallho wahdho la shareek lahu lahulmulko wa lahul hamd wa howa ala kule sheyin qadeer. ” note its ref plz

  10. Alhamdullah I am very please with your article may s.w.t richly bless you ameen.You touch a very imported issue which is my weakness. I pray that Allahu help you bring us more of these ameen.

  11. Thank you for today’s topic it was very helpful and useful. Each word you wrote touched my heart the idea of the article was really engaging as it is a very common issue that all muslims

  12. Assalamu alaikum sister,
    I have a question . I was a good student but nowadays I am getting poor marks in class tests .I feel like Allah is punishing me for my sins through my academic results. I can’t even concentrate in studies because the sense of guilt keeps haunting me. Though I am repenting, I am always feeling so low and depressed. What should I do now?

  13. MashaAllah. Jazakallah. This is so imspirational. Really educative and a great reminder. May Allah reward u. In the hereafter n duniya.

  14. Fighting our cunning enemy is not so easy a task. But with the help from our Creator, and arming ourselves with lots of courage and perseverance, we have to and will combat our cursed enemy in Sha Allah.

  15. Very very helpful .From the way it’s written. . so easy to understand and vision with clear cut examples.simple, short and to the point .

    Jazak_Allah khair to all. .